Welcome to Simple WHOIS Query, this website is intended to be a very lightweight and
bloat-free WHOIS query service where you can easily query information from WHOIS servers and
get the raw results back.

There are no ads, no heavy images, no donate button or fancy design.

These top-level domains are unfortunately not supported yet, you can CTRL+F through the list to quickly see if your TLD is listed:
.dj, .do, .eg, .eh, .er, .et, .fj, .fk, .fm, .gallery, .gb, .ge, .gf, .gh, .gm, .gn, .gp, .gq, .gr, .gt, .gu, .gw, .hm, .jetzt,
.jm, .jo, .kh, .km, .kn, .kp, .kred, .kw, .ky, .lb, .lc, .lk, .lr, .ls, .mc, .mf, .mh, .mil, .mm, .moe, .mq, .mr, .mt, .mv, .mw, .mz,
.nagoya, .ne, .neustar, .ni, .np, .nr, .nyc, .okinawa, .pa, .pg, .ph, .pk, .pn, .ps, .py, .qpon, .ren, .rw, .sd, .sj, .sl, .sohu, .sr,
.ss, .sv, .sz, .td, .tg, .tj, .tokyo, .tp, .trade, .tt, .um, .uno, .va, .vi, .vi, .vn, .webcam, .ye, .yokohoma, .za, .meet, .vote, .voto

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